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Accountability Skills for the Quality Patient Experience
Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Category: Webinar

Accountability Skills for the Quality Patient Experience


Accountability issues plague and weaken patient experience strategies. In addition, lack of accountability has grave consequences to fellow co-workers, damages the view employees have of their supervisor, and reduces the trust and reliance needed for high levels of collaboration and teamwork. To achieve breakthroughs in the patient experience, we need to establish, communicate and enforce higher standards that will move us from good to consistently GREAT.

In this skill-packed webinar, Jill describes what it takes to raise the bar on employee performance. She also illuminates the leader’s key roles in accountability and shares concrete tools you can use to move your employees to a higher level.


  • Establish, communicate and enforce higher standards with clarity, courage, and conviction
  • Verify whether expectations are being met (case examples related to best practices)
  • Provide effective performance feedback in a way most likely to be heard
  • Raise the bar through coaching conversations with high, middle and low performers
  • Handle employee resistance, alibis, and excuses with backbone and heart


Webinar Faculty
Jill Golde, M.S.
Partner & SVP, Market Development

Jill Golde brings over 20 years of experience as a mission-driven consultant and trainer for a broad range of private and public-sector organizations. Expert in organizational change and the patient experience, Jill is known for her genuine connection and caring, her sense of humor, her astute observation skills and her remarkable ability to share her perceptions in a constructive fashion. An engaging presenter, she weaves firsthand experience and mind-opening stories into her sessions. Jill has consulted to many hospitals, health systems and medical practices, and trained thousands of healthcare staff in the skills that make the patient and family experience anxiety-reducing, heartwarming, and healing.

Jill holds an M.S. in Organization Development from American University and a B.A. in Education from Washington University.


Contact: Erin Sologaistoa [email protected]