Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

Farmworkers face unique challenges including dangerous occupations and exposure to environmental hazards. They are uninsured at a higher than average rate and also have high rates of poverty and mobility, making accessing services a particular challenge. Migrant health centers are critical to the health care of farmworkers and their families. To help this population overcome some of these barriers, health centers make special efforts which might include:

  • Outreach to farmworkers in the community and places they work, including collaboration with employers and other organizations that serve the same populations.
  • Education about the hazards of their work and how to protect their families
  • Culturally appropriate enrollment assistance
  • Linkages to other community resources

It’s important that centers receiving this funding demonstrate how they are increasing access to care for this population. It’s critical for FQHC staff to clearly understand the definitions HRSA uses for “Farmworker,” “Agriculture,” and how to capture this data in a culturally appropriate manner.

FACHC can provide training and technical assistance around these issues and identify national resources to help health centers in these efforts. 

Training and Technical Assistance

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Identification and Documentation
Helps front office staff accurately identify and document farmworker status. Available in person, via webinar or video conference.
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Orientation to Farmworker Health
An overview of farmworker health issues, barriers, best practices, and resources.
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Findings from the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) 2013-2014: A Demographic and Employment Profile of United States Farmworkers

Changes in Crop Agriculture and Crop Workers: Findings from the Census of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Workers Survey PPT

Farmworkers in the Southeast Describes the working conditions, demographics, health conditions, barriers to care and challenges faced by Farmworkers, FACHC

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker HRSA’s Definition

Directory of Migrant Health Center Grantees, NCFH

National Advisory Council on Migrant Health Advises the HHS migrant health

Migrant Clinicians Toolbox Forms, policies, tools and protocols from FQHCs nationwide, MCN

Agricultural Worker Status Verification Introduction and Points to Remember, NCFH

Agricultural Worker Status Verification FAQ, NCFH

Agricultural Worker Status Verification Questions for Patients, NCFH

Agricultural Worker Status Verification Questions for Patients (Spanish), NCFH

Florida Farm Labor Housing Developments

Clinicians Guide to OSHA’s Field Sanitation Standard, MCN 2011


Farmworker Association of Florida

A Guide to Farmworker Programs and Services in Florida, Coalition of Florida Farmworker organizations (COFFO)

Farmworker Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County


For more information, contact Erin Sologaistoa at Erin@fachc.org