Agricultural Workers

Florida's orange crops have been quietly dying for over a decade as growers fight to save them
ABC News, January 30, 2018

Florida’s Migrant Worker Problem
US News, January 26, 2018

Citrus industry remains ‘in crisis’ from Hurricane Irma
News Service of Florida, January 12, 2018

Campesinos Garden helps farmworkers feed their families nutritious food 
Orlando Sun Sentinal November 18, 2017

Treating diabetes among migrant farmworkers is an ongoing challenge
Latina Lista November 172017

‘Our Backyard Has Become A Graveyard’: Saving Lives On The U.S.-Mexico Border
Huffington Post, October 2017

UCF Nursing Students Reach Out to Apopka Farmworkers
Apopka Voice, October 2017

Farm Workers Clinic receives $2.5M grant for after-school programs in Toppenish, Grandview
Yakima Herald, October 2017

Hurricane Irma’s Overlooked Victims: Migrant Farm Workers Living at the Edge
Inside Climate News, October 2017

Florida's undocumented farmworkers especially hit hard by Irma
Al Dia, October 2017

Mulberry migrant families get help recovering from Irma before work starts back
Newschief, September 2017

Hurricane Irma leaves farmworkers without jobs, without food and no money to pay rent
Miami Herald, September 2017

Hurricane Irma: Immokalee residents struggle to find food
Naples Daily News, September 2017

These migrant workers earn $350 a week in the fields. Now Irma has destroyed their homes
LA Times, September 2017

Surviving A Big Storm Doesn’t Mean The Trauma Is Over
Five Thirty Eight, September 2017

Florida's Farmers Look At Irma's Damage: 'Probably The Worst We've Seen'
National Public Radio, September 2017

Hurricane Irma: Many Immokalee families left homeless following storm's wrath
Naples Daily News, September 2017

Irma Is Bearing Down On Some Of Florida’s Most Vulnerable Residents
Five Thirty Eight, September 2017

He was called a nicolero. He’s going to jail as a slavemaster
Miami Herald, January 2017

 Homeless and Housing Challenged  

Florida Facing Affordable Housing Crisis
WLRN News, February 1, 2018

Study: Housing the Homeless Can Drastically Cut the Government's Health Care Costs December 6, 2017

More homeless — or better counting? Latest census shows increase from last year
Orlando Sentinel, June 2017

Central Florida's homeless students top 14,000
Orlando Sentinel, October 2017

Hospitals Making Housing the Homeless Part of Their Job
Florida Trend, October 2017

Medical Debt – The Biggest Cause of South Florida Homelessness
Miami New Time,s October 2017

'The Florida Project' movie explores the hidden homeless living around Disney World
Tampa Bay Times, October 2017

Study: Drastic increase in homeless students in Central Florida
WFTV, October 2017 



Transgender community faces significant mental health issues 
Miami Herald December 4, 2017

Op-ed: Addressing Health Disparities in the LGBT Community State of Reform
December 1, 2017

Trans, Teen, and Homeless: America’s Most Vulnerable Population
Rolling Stone, September 2017

Equality in LGBT Healthcare
Miami Herald, February 2016

Hurricane Evacuees

Florida Releases New Numbers Showing 58,000 Puerto Ricans Have Already Arrived Since Hurricane Maria, 2,000 of Them Student
The 74 Million, October 2017
‘Many more will come,’ say recently arrived Puerto Ricans fleeing Hurricane Maria
Miami Herald, September 2017


Food Insecure

In a land of plenty, a food bank and a health insurer team up to take on food insecurity 
Statnews November 22,



VA reverses plan to cut homeless veteran housing program after outrage 
The Hill, December 7, 2017

A Veteran’s Guide to Navigating Healthcare After Services 
The Week November 27, 2017


ICE Immigration Arrests Way Up in Florida 
Tampa Bay Times, February 13
, 2018

Immigration Crackdown Raises Fears of Seeking Health Care
Rollcall, January 26, 2018

Deportation Fears Have Legal Immigrants Avoiding Health Care
U.S. News and World Report, January 21, 2018

Economic Impact of Immigration by State
Wallet Hub, January 30, 2018

Arrests of undocumented Florida immigrants increased by 75 percent in 2017 
Orlando Weekly December 8, 2017

Arrests of undocumented immigrants rise in Florida amid Trump crackdown 
Sun Sentinal December 7, 2017