Clinician's Advisory Council

The Florida Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. Clinician's Advisory Council is a quality enhancement network comprised of health care professionals from Federally Qualified Health Centers throughout the state of Florida. The network is comprised of individuals representing various areas of clinical services.

The Clinician's Advisory Council is designed to strengthen and spread quality improvement processes and best practices through communication and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The Advisory Council also serves as a means by which resources, tools, policies, and procedures are shared among clinicians throughout Florida.

The Advisory Council provides a forum for discussion and problem solving related to the needs of clinicians throughout the state regarding the medical care delivered in Federally Qualified Health Centers, including underserved and special (homeless, migrant, etc.) populations. The information acquired by this means will play a critical role in planning improvement projects, as well as pursuing funding opportunities to address the needs of health centers throughout Florida.

The association places a strong emphasis on its role in assisting Florida's Federally Qualified Health Centers to ensure that the highest level of clinical quality is maintained. The Clinician's Advisory Council Advisory Committee assists association staff in determining the technical assistance and educational programming content that will best serve the Clinician's Advisory Council.

The Clinician's Advisory Council meets at times that coincide with regularly scheduled board meetings, typically three times per year, and much of the business and progress of the network is discussed during such meetings. In addition to these meetings, FACHCs Clinician's Advisory Council hosts an annual Clinical Symposium which serves as a method to provide and promote continuing education for any health center clinical staff. These annual symposiums are designed especially for health center staff to receive training and knowledge in most aspects of clinical care provided to patients at Federally Qualified Health Centers. Special emphasis is placed on allowing the opportunity for networking with clinicians serving similar populations and working in similar situations.

Health center staff serving on the network's advisory council has a strong knowledge of issues affecting community health centers in Florida as a whole.

Clinical Director Roundtable calls are held monthly.

For more information on FACHCs Clinician's Advisory Council, please contact:

CJ Ortiz
Director of Clinical Quality
(850) 942-1822
[email protected]