Emergency Management

Since inception, Community Health Centers have forged ahead amidst adverse conditions to deliver care in underserved communities. During a disaster or public health crisis, community needs increase exponentially, and CHCs have consistently risen to the challenge in pursuit of their mission. The ability to effectively shift from emergency preparedness to response and recovery is essential for sustaining Health Center operations. 

Robust emergency management programs are expected by HRSA and required for CMS participation. Developing and maintaining these programs enables FQHCs to respond promptly and efficiently, outlining processes for vital communications and identifying opportunities for improvement. It’s important to note that planning, training, and testing are ongoing processes further supported by active participation in regional coalitions as well as FACHC initiatives. 

We are here to support Florida's Community Health Center’s emergency management efforts and encourage you to browse our EM Knowledgebase where we have complied a list of links to useful information and resources. If you have questions or require assistance, please contact Gianna Van Winkle by calling (850) 942-1822 or via email at [email protected].