Emergency Management

Hurricanes, wildfires, terrorist acts, chemical spills, flu pandemics, floods, mass casualty accidents, radiological events, deliberate release of biological hazards…the list of calamities that can and have affected modern society continues to grow. As key providers of health care to the citizens of Florida, FACHC is now expected by HRSA, FDOH and other agencies to provide a level of response and assistance during events, depending on the type and severity. This requires that we all become educated in the fundamentals of Emergency Management, and understand how health centers and staff can integrate into state and federal emergency response activities.

Emergency Preparedness is a process, not a goal...! It is virtually impossible to be completely prepared for every possible emergency, but it is possible to be more prepared tomorrow than it is today. That is the goal of the FACHC Emergency Management office. To act as a “one-stop” for EM guidance, for effective trainings, for literature and other EM related notifications, documents, and activities to allow you to build an effective EM system within your Center. We also operate several initiatives.

Take a few minutes to browse our webpage. You will find information and links to all things emergency management, both organization and individual based. If we can be of any help, please contact Tom Knox by calling (850) 942-1822 or via email at [email protected].