Emergency Management Knowledge Base

This page is designed to be a compendium of information and active websites to help our member centers and staff in their readiness preparations.  If you have subject information or a link you wish to contribute, email it to [email protected].


NOAA EM Contact Information Sheets by Florida Region

Red Cross Ready Rating EM Organization Self-Assess. Tool & References

HRSA FORM 10-Annual EM Report

Shelter In Place PowerPoint

Sheltering In Place Guidelines

Why FQHC's use the Incident Command System (ICS)

HRSA PAL 2014-05 Change in Scope for Temp Site in response to Emergency Events

NIMS Guidance for 2012

Simplified After Action Report for an Event and Improvement Plan

FEMA Reimbursable Document Guidance

FACHC Situation Report Document for Emergencies

Sample MOU between FQHC & other Medical Providers for support under EM conditions

TOOLKIT for Engaging Minority Communities for EM

Fire At a Health Center Table Top Exercise (PPT)

Kaiser HVA Model Tool (XLS)

HRSA Emergency Planning

Sample Health Center Emergency Management Plans

NOVA Southeastern Bioterrorism and All-Hazards Response website

National Hurricane Websites

Red Cross Safe & Well family tracking site

NACHC website

Florida Department of Health

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Florida Emergency Operations Center

List of All County Emergency Operations Centers

DOT Traffic Evacuation

National Weather Service

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Florida Poison Control Center

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Florida Environmental Protection Agency (DEP)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

American Red Cross

National Pesticide Network

Florida Shelter Status

US Food & Drug Administration

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Emergency Guide for Community Health Centers

Emergency Communication Priority Services