Emergency Management Knowledge Base

This page is designed to be a compendium of information and active websites to help our member centers and staff in their readiness preparations.  If you have subject information or a link you wish to contribute, email it to [email protected].


FACHC All-Hazards Emergency Management Guide *NEW*


FEMA Post-Event Funding Opportunities for Non-Profits

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Work Eligible for Public Assistance (Interim) FEMA Policy (Released September 1, 2020)  

FEMA Assistance for Private Non-Profits After a Disaster

Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (Updated June 2020)

Public Assistance Fact Sheet



Bureau of Primary Care Resources

Health Center Emergency Management Expectations

PAL for Requesting Temporary Change in Scope (Updated April 2020)


CMS Preparedness Rule

Tracie Summary of FQHC Requirements (updated 2019) *NEW*

CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule- 2019 Updates in Federal Register *NEW*

Guidance and Core Elements

Templates & Checklists

CPCA CMS Preparedness Rule Webinars

NGO Planning and Response Partners


Florida Department of Emergency Management (FDEM)


Florida Department of Health (DOH) Health Care Coalitions

Personal Preparedness & Patient Resources

Ready.gov  & National Preparedness Month (September)

Red Cross Family Plan Template (English & Spanish)

FEMA Family Plan Resources (available in multiple languages) 

FLDEM Planning for Special Needs Patients

The National Resource Center on Advancing Emergency Preparedness for Culturally Diverse Communities


Useful Planning Tool, Templates & Sample Documents 

Health Center Emergency Plan Template 

Incident Command Structure

Kaiser Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) Tool

Communications Plan Template

Tabletop Exercises

After Action Report (AAR)

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


Hazard-Specific Planning Information & Resources

Extreme Weather Events

Public Health Emergencies

Shelter in Place Events


Emergency Communication Priority Services

GETS Brochure

TSP Brochure

WPS Brochure


Explore More Resources Online: 

National Association of Community Health Center (NACHC)


ECRI Institute


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Updated September 18, 2020