Immigrant Health

Immigrants, particularly the recently immigrated, often have limited English proficiency, poor social support and limited understanding about our culture and health care system. Undocumented adults are generally ineligibility health insurance and social safety net programs and can’t possess a driver’s license in Florida. Lacking legal protections most Americans take for granted, the undocumented are often targets of abuse by unscrupulous employers, landlords, and others who can take advantage, often with impunity. Fear of deportation, family separation and other negative legal consequences keep many from taking advantage of services they are eligible or reporting crimes to law enforcement. Toxic stress and uncertainty take a toll on their physical and psychological health resulting in health disparities for this population. Strategies health centers use to successfully serve this population include:

  • Outreach with community health or lay health workers
  • Partnerships with trusted organizations
  • Ensuring services are available in appropriate languages
  • Cultural humility and competency training for staff
  • Assistance understanding and enrolling in eligible services

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