Vulnerable Populations

Migrant and seasonal agricultural workers, persons experiencing homelessness, housing challenged, and residents of public housing face significant barriers to getting the healthcare they need, including high rates of mobility and poverty, lack of health insurance, substandard or no housing, language barriers, and the list goes on. These populations are harder to reach and require extra efforts that might include mobile health teams, aggressive outreach, special training, language interpretation and other services. In recognition of this Congress created special funding categories for this populations in an effort to ensure they get the services they need. 
FACHC is here to provide you with technical assistance in meeting the needs of these populations.

Vulnerable Population Training and Technical Assistance

Vulnerable Populations Resources

Vulnerable Populations Data (see specific populations above for more data)

Vulnerable Populations Organizations

National Cooperative Agreement Partners Funded by HRSA to provide technical assistance to health centers and communities. Several focus exclusively on farmworkers, homeless or other special populations.

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